Van Bortel Auction

It was necessary to migrate the Van Bortel Auction website to a new server.

If you are seeing this page, your browser may need to be refreshed as it is looking at the old server location.

   The browser saves the IP address location of all the websites we go to so that they don't need to be looked up each time and the website loads faster.

   But when a website is moved, it takes a few hours to re-find the new IP address.

The correct web address for the Van Bortel Auction is

To update your computers browser, it may be sufficient to restart your computer.

If after rebooting you still see this page, please use the tips below to Flush your DNS and clear your browsers cookies.

Flush DNS

How to flush DNS

Close all browser(s), Edge, Chrome, FireFox, etc

Hold Windows key and R
Type: CMD
A popup box will open.
Where the curser is, type: ipconfig/flushdns
Hit Enter

This may be sufficient. Restart your browser to test. If you see the Fleet Pilot like normal, you are all set.
If not, you may need to clear the cookies from your browser.

Clearing Cookies


Delete cookies from a specific site
Open Edge browser, select Settings and more > Settings > Cookies and site permissions.
Under Cookies and data stored, select Manage and delete cookies and site data
See all cookies and site data and search for the site whose cookies you want to delete.
Select the down arrow to the right of the site whose cookies you want to delete and select Delete .


Delete specific cookies

On your computer, open Chrome.
At the top right, click More Settings .
Click Privacy and security. Third-party cookies. ...
Click See all site data and permissions.
At the top right, search for the website's name.
To the right of the site, click Delete .
To confirm, click Delete.


To delete your cookies and website data for a single domain: Go to a website that requires cookies. Accept the cookies. Tap the Fx89Padlock Lock icon in the search bar. Tap Clear cookies and site data. Tap Delete.

Reload the website and you should see the prompt requesting you to accept cookies shown again.